I am a Full Time and fully insured professional freelance writer, proof reader, editor, web developer, social media manager, SEO and TTSO specialist.




I completed my science degree in the year 2000. I then embarked on a successful career in health and fitness, recruitment and local government campaigns.

After eighteen years of working within large organisations, I have decided to embrace my passion for creativity and independence. Therefore, I have now established myself as a Full-Time professional freelancer.

My eclectic career history has furnished me with an equally eclectic skill set. I will use these skills to help you meet your needs, goals and aspirations.

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My full bio can be viewed by visiting my LinkedIn profile.


When working for a client I strive to excel in the following core values;



Honesty is the best policy, so I will never knowingly mislead, misinform or withhold information. As a client, you deserve complete transparency and the highest levels of personal and professional integrity. I will provide these at all times.



I have worked in environments where mistakes can cost lives. Therefore, I set very high personal standards for accuracy. I will apply these same rigorous standards to the work you commission from me as a client. 



I am highly creative and able to ‘think outside the box’. I can use this to create novel and original content and ideas as required.



I am a stickler for timekeeping and turning in work ahead of schedule. You can be confident that there will be zero missed deadlines.



 I am willing and able to create content about almost any topic. However I draw the line at low-brow reality TV and celebrity gossip.



I am a firm believer in client / contractor confidentiality. You can expect strict confidentiality and the upmost discretion in all dealings with me.



When commissioning work from a freelancer, you need to feel confident they can be relied upon to deliver, without having to be micromanaged. You are, after all, a busy person with other demands upon your time. I pride myself upon being thoroughly dependable. Therefore, you can feel assured that work will be completed on-time – or even ahead of it – and to a standard that meets or even exceeds your expectations. 



My services are available at highly competitive rates, and can be negotiated on a ‘per-job’ basis.

I offer first time clients a 10% discount off their first order. 

If these core values meet your requirements and you would like to hire my services, or if you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.