My portfolio currently consists of the following. I will update this page as my portfolio grows, so check back often.


I have an active presence on Fiverr, with seven concurrently active ‘gigs’. This has proven successful, with several customers securing my services on an on-going basis.

I currently hold an aggregate five-star rating, composed of five-star ratings for;

  • Communication With Seller
  • Service as Described
  • Buy Again or Recommend

In addition, I possess 100% scores for Response Rate, Order Completion Rate and On-time Delivery.

 Please visit my Fiverr.com profile for more details.


Iain Baker Fiverr Gigs


I have an active profile on the Freelancer website. Please visit if you wish to hire my services via the Freelancer platform:


Ghost Writing

Recently I was hired as a ghost-writing consultant for an upcoming full length – approximately 45,000 words – post-apocalyptic survival novel set in the present-day United States. I was responsible for researching, world building, characterisation, plot outline and creating the book’s title. This task has now been successfully completed.

Due to signing an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) I am not at liberty to provide further details, this includes the novel’s title. If you hire my services as a ghost writer or consultant, you can be assured your project too will be treated with the utmost discretion.

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Modern Day Duke

In September 2018 I was contacted by the premium male grooming website ‘Modern Day Duke’ requesting blog writing services.

Since then (at the time of writing), I have created 100% of all new blog posts featured on the site.


Vocal media

Vocal media is a US based journalistic website which I have been a contributor to for over a year. I have written a number of articles for them, ranging from historical investigations, ‘Op Ed’ pieces and humorous autobiographical works.

Combined, these articles have been read over a thousand times.

The articles were written using American English and were consistent with the site’s editorial style, to ensure they appealed to the site’s adult demographic.

My work for Vocal can be viewed here: https://vocal.media/authors/iain-baker

Vocal Media https://vocal.media/authors/iain-baker

Hard Light Productions

I have recently been appointed as the Social Media Manager for Hard Light Productions (HLP), the Freespace SCP modding community. My twin goals are;

1 – To raise awareness of Freespace SCP amongst a wider audience, via YouTube, FaceBook, Discord, Reddit and articles in the video game press.

2 – To streamline and improve HLP’s learning curve via what I have termed ‘the new user experience project.’ This will ensure new members to the community will enjoy HLP’s many products in a user friendly and intuitive fashion.

The Chernobyl Zone Survival Guide

‘The Chernobyl Zone Survival Guide’ is my upcoming full length book, which should be completed by September of this year. The completed work is expected to be some 675 pages, or 105,000 words long.

The book is semi-fictional, containing both real world and contemporary sci-fi elements. I painstakingly researched and fact checked the non-fiction sections to ensure scientific and historical accuracy.

Stylistically, it is written ‘in character’ and I have taken great care to ensure this character is never broken. I tentatively call this process ‘method writing’, for want of a better.

I have fully proof-read and edited it myself, utilising the same rigorous criteria I use for proof-reading and editing the work of clients.

The book is in the process of being optimised for Text-To-Speech software. Samples of the first chapter can be heard in-browser from the project’s webpage. The completed ‘pseudo-audiobook’ will be approximately twelve hours long, which is by far the longest Text-To-Speech narration MP3 file I know of.

It is currently written using UK English and is aimed at an adult audience.

Further information, downloadable samples and MP3 narration can be obtained by visiting: https://www.nomadsreviews.co.uk/trlzsg

The Chernobyl Zone Survival Guide https://www.nomadsreviews.co.uk/trlzsg

Nomads reviews.

I created the Nomad’s Reviews to share my passion for media, gaming and technology. The website was created from scratch using Wix, and is all my own work.

 From a technical aspect, Nomad’s Reviews is far more advanced than the freelancer website you are viewing now, as it contains animated backgrounds, imbedded videos, imbedded MP3 audio files with in browser playback, downloadable documents, hyperlinks, automatic e-mails and an interactive members area.

 I have researched and created all the website’s content thus far, and I carefully curated the imbedded videos and images to ensure they are suitable for the target audience, which is international in nature and includes families.

If you would like to visit the site, please follow the link https://www.nomadsreviews.co.uk/


If you would like to discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.