Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Social media can be used for more than sharing selfies and cat videos.

Used effectively, it can be a powerful tool to raise awareness of your products and services amongst a wider audience.

A successful Social Media Marketing campaign can reach many potential customers, at little cost.

I have leveraged the power of social media throughout my career to create, manage and run campaigns such as;

  • The promotion of a Hertfordshire Local Authority’s kerbside Recycling Scheme. 
  • Promoting Road Safety and Sustainable School Travel for several North London Boroughs.
  • Encouraging the use of cycling for both leisure and transport for a South London Borough.
  • Brand development for websites and authors.


Social Media Marketing

The skills and experience I gained from these has proven invaluable. I now use these techniques to assist clients like yourself with their needs.


It is easy to throw money at an un-targeted ‘cookie cutter’ campaign. However, the return on your investment may be less than ideal. A better option is a bespoke campaign that will deliver the ‘best bang for your buck.’

Any campaign I create, manage and run for you will be thoroughly researched, bespoke and tailored to your individual needs. This will take into account your target audience, style of presentation, corporate image, budget – and where applicable – geographical location and local markets.


As with websites, social media pages will be fully optimised for Search Engines (SEO), so that they can be easily found.

If you would like help with Social Media Marketing, or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.